Alford Corn Exchange Community Group
We are making it happen!
We are making it happen!

We are a Community Group and Charity set up to take over the running of the Alford Corn Exchange later in 2014. If you want to get involved in community projects, some ballroom dancing, Zumba or other leisure activities, we are looking for people like you.

The Corn Exchange needs a bit of TLC and we are raising funds to improve the inside of the building so that we can attract more parties and events.

The running costs of the building are almost covered, with a current shortfall of £3000/a. For a community like Alford with such a strong community spirit, this should not be a hurdle too high.

Latest events:
21.5.13  Alford Town Council makes the group the official partner for the interior improvement/repair of the building and allows the group to get started with internal improvements/repairs. The Town Council also decides to pay paint and painting tools for the group.
On the same day the Town Council also decides to give the group £5000 from the Mary Portas grant. This acts as seed funding and allows the group to register swiftly as charity.

1.8.13 Start of Decorating Event in Corn Exchange. Lots of volunteers helped to make the hall look so much nicer!
Summer school in Corn Exchange produces short film

October 2013: We removed the damaged part of the suspended ceiling and repaired the lighting. One of the fire exits was replaced with the help of Grant Allen. Both the lights and the doors were provided by Alford Town Council. David Wood, a retired builder carried out a free assessment of the roof. Luckily, the roof is in a surprisingly good state.

November 2013: 15 large scale historical photos of Alford were placed up in the Corn Exchange main hall to make it look even more friendly. The images were provided by Janet Taylor. The printing on canvas was carried out for free by Andy Thorndyke at Focus Signs and the pictures were hung by Richard Murray, an Alford joiner, in his own time.
ELDC is instructing its solicitors to prepare contracts so that a handover from ELDC to the Alford Corn Exchange Group can hopefully happen by March 2014.

9th of December 2013: We have become a charity!
Registered Charity Number 1154929 ALFORD CORN EXCHANGE COMMUNITY GROUP

13th of January 2014: ELDC has formally decided to hand over the freehold of the property to our charity! The target date for the handover is 1st of April!

27th of January 2014: Janet Taylor crafted a new set of blinds for the back room which immediately adds brightness!

8th and 9th of February: The gents and disabled toilets are painted by volunteers (special thanks to Kevin Bateman and Pinkie Brown, professional decorators who gave their time for free!). We now have a baby changing facility. The Town Council very kindly offered to pay for the materials.

16th and 17th of March: The floor in the hall has been sanded by Suresand to an absolutely brilliant standard. The floor looks like new! Again, the Alford Town Council was very supportive, as they contributed £400 towards it.

31st of March: Martin Jinks builds a fabulous removable child safety gate for the hall to allow our Softplay parent and toddler group on Fridays to start. Launch of the group is Friday 4th of April.

1st of April: We have taken on the responsibility (and costs) for the running of the Corn Exchange. The paperwork trail is however still going through. we are being greatly supported by Rupert Houltby of
Wilkin Chapman Grange

We are making it happen!
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